American Revolutionary War to 1812

January 21, 2020

Early American Naval Officers Eagle Head Saber

Our Price: $1250 Early Naval Officer's Eagle Head Pommel Short Saber with Scabbard. Curved blade with wide partial fuller on both sides. Blade engraved with Liberty cap and stand of arms on one side…
Jan 08, 2020

English Silver Hilted Small Sword Circa 1720

Our Price: $1750 English Silver Hilted Small Sword Circa 1720. Straight colichemarde blade. Solid silver hilt with relief diamond and triangle accents. The front of the clam shell guard shows three…
Jan 08, 2020

Sharp 19th Century Bronze Lantanka Swivel Cannon

Our Price: $1995 Sharp early 19th Century Bronze Lantanka Swivel Cannon. Fine example, nicely decorated with floral patterns. Approximate length 34 inches, weight around 30 pounds. Order/Inquire…
Dec 17, 2019

Early American Artillery Officers Sword - Published

Our Price: $1350 This sword is featured on page 276 of "American Swords & Sword Makers: Volume II" by Richard H. Bezdek. Bezdek dates the sword circa 1805-1810. The American blade is slightly curved…
Dec 17, 2019

Extremely Rare ‘ROSE’ Marked NCO Sword

Our Price: $3250 For another identical example of this scarce Rose sword, see figure 98 on page 103 of "American Silver-Hilted, Revolutionary and Early Federal Swords" by Daniel D. Hartzler. Circa…
Nov 26, 2019

Revolutionary War Mortar Shell With Lifting Rings

Our Price: sold Revolutionary War Mortar Shell With Lifting Rings Oriented around the equator of the Shell. Approximately 9 inch caliber. Iron is in excellent condition. Order/Inquire about this item…

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