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Confederate Georgia P1853 Cavalry Saber as imported and marked by the state of Georgia. The spine of the blade is marked 'Isaac & Co', the company front for Confederate purchasing agents. The reverse of the blade is stamped with a 'G' just below the end of the fuller, denoting ownership by the state of Georgia. Iron hilt with gutta percha grips. Scabbard is the correct type but is not marked with the 'G' stamp as the original would have.

34 3/4 inch blade is mostly smooth with a dark patina and some areas of pin-prick pitting. The 'G' stamp is crisp as is the Isacc & Co. marking. Iron hilt retains original form and the original leather blade washer is present. Grips are sound and show a great deal of wear with some checkering still visible. The accompanying scabbard has markings 'L' over '16' deeply struck between upper ring mount and throat. On the opposite side of scabbard a crown over '14' is visible.


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Confederate Naval Cutlass Imported by Courtney & Tennent/Mole Charleston S.C. Made in England by Mole and so marked on spine of blade near ricasso. Courtney & Tennant marked inside rectangle on ricasso. Three branch brass hand guard. This cutlass conforms to no known British specifications and is believed to have been made under contract for the Confederate States Navy.

19 3/4 inch single fullered blade has a smooth dark patina with patches of light rust. Rubber grips have good checkering and minimal shrinkage. A fine example.


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Confederate Georgia Pike As Shortened by Bannerman's Military Surplus house late in the 19th century to a length of 41 inches with a 12 inch blade.

Iron straps with a lot of the original japaned finish. Blade is just about mint exhibiting original tool marks, forging flaws and maker's cartouche "T" in a circle stamped in ricasso. 

Although cut down this example is very collectible, in high condition and easy to display and enjoy.



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Confederate Pattern 1859 Naval Cutlass Bayonet. Bears engraved serial number '972'. These cutlass bayonets are part of James D. Bulloch's Navy contract for 1000 cutlass bayonets. The lowest number observed to date is 103 and the highest 999. All engraved by the same hand. There are less the 35 recorded examples of this type.

25 1/2 inch blade with Knights head marking. Mostly rust patina with areas of brightness. Locking  button is frozen.


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English Pattern 1859 Naval Cutlass Pattern Imported by Confederacy and documented in 'The English Connection' by Corky Huey and Russ Pritchard, Jr. This was used with the Pattern 1858 naval short rifle, 1000 of which were ordered by James D. Bulloch for the Confederate Navy with cutlass bayonets. 

26 3/4 inch blade bears the knight's head trademark of Weyersburg, and Solingen. No other marks were found on this example.

Blade is bright with scattered stains. Complete with iron mounted scabbard.


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