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Brass Mounted Sharps New Model 1859 Carbine. Serial number 32196. Caliber 52 with a 22" barrel. This carbine shows no sign of any military inspector’s marks and appears to be civilian issue. Initials “WJ” are lightly carved into right side of buttstock. Barrel is numbered to gun. Pellet primer ignition is still complete. Brass patchbox with number “74” stamped on inside. Sights are standard. Moving the barrel band reveals original blue finish and a letter 'K' stamped into barrel.

Excellent condition overall. Barrel retains 30-40% blue finish turning to an even plum-brown patina overall. Barrel markings are sharp. Bore is dark with some erosion but visible rifling. Receiver is a gray-brown finish overall with some slight erosion on surface of lockplate. Hammer and lever are gray-brown finish overall. Stocks are good and full-sized with handling marks, dents overall, and a small sliver of wood missing at top of lockplate. Patchbox and buttplate have numerous dings and scratches and a slight dent at heel of buttplate. This is an early new model 1859 Sharps carbine that appears to be made for the commercial market of which only 400 were manufactured.

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