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Confederate Barnett Cavalry Carbine with a great JS anchor marking just forward of butt plate on comb of the stock. This is a well used example and is missing the rear site. The stock is sound with two sets of initials scratched into it. There is also a period repair to allow better fit of the escutcheon screw. There is an old sticker on shoulder of brass butt plate that reads '6th Virginia Cavalry'. Maybe research of the initials could better establish a connection with this unit. A very interesting Confederate marked and issued cavalry carbine.


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Fine and Rare Palmetto Armory Rifled Musket. Caliber .69 with a 42" rilfled barrel. Only a smaill percentage of these smooth bore muskets were converted to rifled muskets as is this one, which also entailed the additon of a fixed rear sight, which is present here. The markings on breech side of barrel include 'S.C.' which is seen only on a small percentage of these arms. "V" over "P" over Palmetto tree are well stamped and discernible as is the rare variant "W.G&CO" at breech of barrel. There is no barrel date on breech tang and never had one.

Lock is smooth and gray with crisp "Palmetto Armory, S*C" around a Palmetto tree forward of the lock and rear of lock is well struck "Columbia/S.C 1852". Buttplate also has "SC" surcharge.

Very good overall condition, complete and original. Quite fine for a surviving Confederate long arm. Metal is smooth and gray with areas of staining and pitting. Bore shows very discernible rifling with apparent little use as there is little pitting at bolster. Buttplate is gray with scattered scratches, scuffs and dings, scattered staining and pitting and exhibits adeeply struck "SC" surcharge. Stock is sound except for longitudal crack in the lock escutcheon area. 



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Percussion Conversion Breechloading Rifle. Caliber .52. Barrel. 32 5/8". Left side of barrel, forward of action stamped "N H".  No other military markings appear on this gun which would be consistent with issue to state troops. Converted breech block is marked J.H. HALL/H. FERRY/U.S./1831". 3 Band walnut stock. Correct button tipped iron ramrod.

About 70% original brown finish remains with balance fading to a smooth plum brown patina. Stock has raised grain with scattered small dents & marks. Bore has intact rifling with slightly darkened appearance. Breech block has light pitting confined to area adjacent to nipple.


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Rare and Desireable Colt Walker Authenticated In The TGCA 'Parade of Walkers'. Serial number B Company No 25. Caliber .44. One of the most rare and desirable of all Colt firearms is the Walker pistol. These massive 4 lb. revolvers were manufactured in 1847 in a quantity of only 1,000 to arm mounted troops for the war in Mexico. Subsequent to the military contract of 1,000 revolvers, Colt assembled an additional 100-104 civilian model Walker revolvers.

The Martial Walker revolvers were marked Company specific from Company A to Company E with various numbers assigned to each company. Company B had approximately 175 revolvers so marked. Company B is also the unit commanded by Capt. Samuel H. Walker, the inspiration to Samuel Colt to produce these revolvers. Capt. Walker was killed at Chapultepec, Mexico in 1847 during the war. The first shipment of Walker revolvers to Mexico was only about 220 units with a 2nd shipment of 280 revolvers arriving about a week later on Oct. 26, 1847. Out of the first shipment, 6 revolvers were reported stolen. Upon arrival in Mexico these 496 revolvers were issued to various Companies including Company A, B & C which included 394 pistols issued to the Texas regiments under Col. John Hays. The 2nd shipment of 500 was delayed and did not arrive in Mexico until the war was nearly over and were not issued at that time.

When the war was over the Walker pistols that had been issued were recalled and turned in at the Vera Cruz Depot on May, 8 1848. Of the 394 pistols issued to the Texans, only about 316 were turned in, with many of those missing lost in battle and others simply stolen or retained by Officers of the various Companies. The 3rd shipment of 500 pistols had been held in a New York depot until Colt provided flasks & molds and in March 1848 were shipped to the Vera Cruz, Mexico depot and in Nov. 1848 all were shipped from Mexico to the Baton Rouge Arsenal and along with the other turned in pistols were subsequently shipped to San Antonio. Many of those Walker pistols at San Antonio were issued to various units operating in Texas and were issued to the 4 companies of the Dragoons and 3 companies of Infantry assigned there to fight Indians, bandits, and outlaws in the region.

In April 1850 these units were ordered to turn in their Walker pistols in exchange for Dragoon revolvers. Many of the Walker revolvers were then issued to Texas Rangers and some friendly Indians. In Feb. 1861 the San Antonio Arsenal was seized by the State of Texas, including all remaining arms & accoutrements and turned over to the Confederacy. It seems likely that all those seized arms would have been issued to Confederate troops for use during the Civil War. Very few Walker pistols survive today in any condition with any original finish. Such a revolver today is a great rarity and seldom ever seen today.



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Confederate South Carolina Palmetto Armory Pistol. Complete 100% original example. Lock marked 'Columbia S.C. 1852' behind hammer and forward 'Palmetto Armory S.C.' surrounding a palmetto tree. Barrel marked Wm. Glaze & Co. with 1853 date and V over palmetto tree proof. The pistol is completely devoid of Federal inspectors marks as it should be.

8 1/2 inch barrel has some pitting forward of barrel band. Lock has grey metal with good markings. Top of armory stamp is somewhat weak from being unevenly struck. Stock is sound with good edges as cleaned and re-varnished. Brass hardware has a nice yellow patina.

Excellent example of this pistol that is hard to find all original and complete.


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