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Sharps New Model 1863 Carbine. 52 caliber Serial number C,26428. Barrel. 22" with Lawrence patent rear sight. Standard military model with two visible cartouche and strong markings. Matching serial number on barrel. 

Metal finish has faded to light brown patina. Stocks are sanded and have a heavy coat of dulled finish. One spot of wood filler on forend about the size of a nickel. Bore has strong rifling with slightly darkened appearance.


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No serial number. Caliber .52. This is an “as found” example of a rare Confederate carbine. The Keen, Walker & Co. carbine long known as the Confederate “Perry” or “Tilting Breech” carbine was the subject of much speculation as to where it was manufactured in early texts, scholarly research identifies it definitively as the product of Keen, Walker & Co. in Danville, Virginia. John Murphy & Howard Madaus in their comprehensive 2002 text Confederate Carbines & Musketoons devote a chapter on this manufacturer. They note a receipt for 101 breech loading carbines delivered May 19, 1862 to the Confederate Ordnance Department.

The frame is of brass and unmarked externally. Internally Roman numerals would be found, but this gun has not had a screw removed. The 22-1/2″ barrel is rifled and marked only with a “P” proof on the left side. The stock is carved “R H HARRIS” though “HARRIS” is much lighter than the first 2 initials. Accompanying this gun is a large file of research telling provenance and history of this gun. Dr. Richard Herbert Harris (1847-1876) was a member of the 1st Virginia “Nottoway Reserves”, he is buried in the town cemetery in Blackstone, VA.

Good overall, though iron is heavily patinated, brass frame has pleasing dark mustard colored patina. Gun is totally original and complete with exception of ring for carbine sling. Stock is sound and solid with minor cosmetic blemishes and hand worn patina. The action is functional though slightly loose. Bore exhibits well-defined rifling though heavily pitted.



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Scarce Civil War Martial Whitney Navy Percussion Revolver serial number 26007. Cal. 36. Navy inspected Whitney’s are quite scarce and this is an all matching example in standard configuration with 7-11/16″ octagonal barrel with 2-line New Haven address and small anchor stamped near breech. Cylinder is inspected “P / “H.K.H.”. Matching serial numbers are found on barrel, loading lever, arbor, cylinder, frame and trigger guard. Well fit grips appear matching, though numbered “2607”.

Very good condition. Gun has been heavily cleaned and is an overall bright grey. Markings all discernible though rolled cylinder scene is extremely light and can be only partially discerned. Mechanically functional with crisp rifled bore.


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Fine 2nd Model Squareback 1851 Navy Revolver. Serial number 4502. Caliber 36. Standard Configuration of early squareback Navy manufactured in 1851, 7-1/2″ octagonal barrel with 1-line New York address. This is a rare early 51 Navy and not often seen with this much original finish and cylinder scene.

Very good overall condition. Barrel retains about 10% original bright blue finish, especially in protected areas. Metal is grey overall with staining and light pitting. Frame is lighter grey with balance towards muzzle silver/grey. Gun is all original and with matching serial numbers found on all parts except unumbered wedge. Backstrap and trigger guard retain about 10% silver plate, well fit grips retain about 75% original varnish with small chips at inside toes. Rolled Ormsby naval battle scene is about 80% discernible with light pitting. Mechanically functional with crisp well defined bore.


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Fine Original Confederate Leech & Rigdon Revolver. Serial number 597. Caliber 36. This revolver was made under contract from the Confederate States government in Greensboro, GA in 1863. It conforms to other Leech & Rigdon’s with 7-1/2″ round barrel with octagonal barrel housing, marked on top flat “LEECH & RIGDON CSA”.  Condition is quite nice for a Confederate revolver.

PROVENANCE: Ex-Ted Meredith Collection, 1980; Pictured on pg 24 “ASAC Bulletin”, #72, May 1995; Lifetime Collection of Dr. Zack Catterton.

Very good overall condition, all matching. Everything normally Serial numbered is numbered and numbers all discernible. Numbers are found on barrel, arbor, frame, trigger guard, backstrap, loading arm, latch, wedge, cylinder and penciled inside grips. Maker’ mark is especially crisp and discernible. Metal is grey/plum, smooth overall with traces of original finish in protected areas and scattered areas of staining and pitting. Grips are sound and well fit with light edge wear, hand worn patina, small chip on inside left toe. Good mechanics, clean, crisp bore with light pitting. This revolver has had several professional conserved screws and the latch is an apparent restoration though properly numbered.


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