Rare Confederate Leech & Rigdon Confederate Revolver #571

Our Price: $19,500

This is a very good complete Confederate revolver, 100% original and authentic. Leech & Rigdon has a colorful history starting their manufacturing operations in Memphis, Tennessee, being chased by advancing Union troops moving first to Columbus, Mississippi, and then to Greensboro, Georgia, where this particular gun was made.

Leech & Rigdon had a contract with the Confederate Government for the manufacture of 1500 revolvers (on the Colt’s patent) so, at Greensboro, they continued to manufacture pistols in fulfillment of that contract. “Records from the Augusta Arsenal indicate that from September of 1863 to March of 1864, some 903 revolvers were received from Leech & Rigdon, 814 of which were issued. Serial number 571, was no doubt, one of the 814 issued”. Provenance: Ex-Damon Mills; Jim Green Collection, 2003.

CONDITION: Gun overall is very good for a surviving Confederate revolver with sharp fairly crisp edges though overall metal is finely pitted, iron a matching brown/gray. Matching serial numbers are found on barrel, frame, trigger guard, backstrap, cylinder, loading assembly, loading lever catch, cylinder pin, and wedge. Iron frames on Leech & Rigdon often show casting flaws however this examples frame is quite smooth with only the tiniest flaws. A cryptic “N” is found on both sides of trigger bow. “LEECH & RIGDON CSA” markings are found on top barrel flat, though several letters are light as can be seen in photos. Brass is fairly smooth with several large dents in butt with a light mustard colored patina. Grips are sound, solid and well fit with heavy tacking marks on butts. Gun is mechanically fine with crisp well defined rifling in bore.

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