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Fine and Rare Palmetto Armory Rifled Musket. Caliber .69 with a 42" rilfled barrel. Only a smaill percentage of these smooth bore muskets were converted to rifled muskets as is this one, which also entailed the additon of a fixed rear sight, which is present here. The markings on breech side of barrel include 'S.C.' which is seen only on a small percentage of these arms. "V" over "P" over Palmetto tree are well stamped and discernible as is the rare variant "W.G&CO" at breech of barrel. There is no barrel date on breech tang and never had one.

Lock is smooth and gray with crisp "Palmetto Armory, S*C" around a Palmetto tree forward of the lock and rear of lock is well struck "Columbia/S.C 1852". Buttplate also has "SC" surcharge.

Very good overall condition, complete and original. Quite fine for a surviving Confederate long arm. Metal is smooth and gray with areas of staining and pitting. Bore shows very discernible rifling with apparent little use as there is little pitting at bolster. Buttplate is gray with scattered scratches, scuffs and dings, scattered staining and pitting and exhibits adeeply struck "SC" surcharge. Stock is sound except for longitudal crack in the lock escutcheon area. 



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Harpers Ferry Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle with Civil War alteration to .58 caliber, provision for saber bayonet and long range rear sight. Otherwise standard configuration of popular 1841 US rifle made famous during the Mexican War as the “Mississippi rifle”. A complete, original example with “1850” date lock and “1851” dated barrel, correct inspector markings on stock and barrel, long range rear sight fitted for saber bayonet. 

Very good overall condition. Metal is cleaned with traces of original brown finish in protected areas, scattered areas of pitting. Complete and original other than missing front sling swivel. Mechanically fine with crisp rifled bore.


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Extremely Rare Iron Frame Henry Model 1860 Lever Action Rifle. Serial number 131. 44 Rimfire HENRY. Rare Henry rifle with 24-1/4″ octagonal barrel that has integral magazine and 1st type German silver front sight blade with rounded top. Top flat of barrel has the small 2-line Henry patent date & address with an open dovetail near the receiver. Receiver, side plates and buttplate are of the rare iron variety with a 2nd sight dovetail in top flat of receiver. This receiver dovetail contains an original, 1st type 1000-yard Henry ladder sight. Mounted with very nicely figured, uncheckered, slab sawed American walnut buttstock with varnish finish and early features of a perch belly stock and iron buttplate with rounded heel and large trap containing an orig 4-pc hickory & iron cleaning rod. Cleaning rod recess in the stock has a beveled area at the bottom of the hole which is distinctive only to the iron frame variety of the Model 1860 Henry rifle. Brass frame versions of the rifle are not known to have this bevel.

Serial number was observed in the usual place on top flat of barrel between rear sight dovetail and frame, left side of lower tang under the wood, inside top tang channel of buttstock and inside top tang of buttplate. All 5 stock & buttplate screws are matching numbered to the rifle. The tang wood screws are also distinctive to the iron frame variety of this model with beveled heads. The round portion of the barrel, under the loading sleeve is marked with the assembly “151” which number is also found on rear face of loading sleeve.

According to The Henry Rifle, Quick, there were probably less than 200 of the iron frame variety produced within the first 400 rifles. As of the publication of the reference book, there were only 90 of them known and this rifle is listed in a chart on page 54. Apparently there is some controversy as to whether the iron frame Henry was produced at a separate facility or simultaneously with the brass frame version in the same plant. The aforementioned chart on pages 54 & 55 of the reference publication lists 16 known duplicate serial numbers which leads one to speculate however one wishes to speculate. Mr. Quick states that there are no known Martially marked iron frame Henry’s. He also reports that the iron frame Henry may have been an effort to gain a Navy contract which, if true, apparently never materialized. No matter, there are few surviving iron frame Henry’s and extremely few of those show any original finish.

Fine condition all matching. Barrel & magazine retain a smooth, even, plummy blue/brown patina with some scattered light surface rust. Receiver & side plates retain about 60-70% matching patina showing light wear and a few nicks & scratches. Lever, hammer & buttplate are also with the same patina. Wood is sound with numerous small nicks & scratches and retains about 90% of an old restored varnish finish. Mechanics are crisp, strong bright bore with good shine and a few scattered spots of pitting. Cleaning rod is fine.


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Confederate South Carolina Palmetto Armory Pistol. Complete 100% original example. Lock marked 'Columbia S.C. 1852' behind hammer and forward 'Palmetto Armory S.C.' surrounding a palmetto tree. Barrel marked Wm. Glaze & Co. with 1853 date and V over palmetto tree proof. The pistol is completely devoid of Federal inspectors marks as it should be.

8 1/2 inch barrel has some pitting forward of barrel band. Lock has grey metal with good markings. Top of armory stamp is somewhat weak from being unevenly struck. Stock is sound with good edges as cleaned and re-varnished. Brass hardware has a nice yellow patina.

Excellent example of this pistol that is hard to find all original and complete.


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Scarce First Model Martial Henry Model 1860 Rifle. Serial number 3063. Caliber .44 rim fire Henry. Standard Henry rifle with 24-1/4″ octagonal barrel, integral magazine tube and early 1st type German silver front sight blade with round top and 2nd type 900 yard Henry ladder rear sight without slide stop screw. Right forward side of frame has the inspector initials “HH” and correspondingly on the right barrel flat at the receiver the inspector, “CGC”. Buttstock with straight grip and early style brass buttplate with round heel and large trap for the accompanying 4-piece hickory rod. Right side of buttstock is inlaid with a 5-point brass star secured with a single nail through the center. Right wrist of buttstock shows the outline of a cartouche visible under strong light. Right heel of buttplate is marked with a tiny “C” inspector mark with corresponding “C” adjacent on the wood.

Serial number was observed in the usual place on top flat of barrel between rear sight & frame and on left side of the lower tang under the wood as well as in the top tang channel of buttstock and inside toe of buttplate. The 2 buttplate screws are matching numbered to the rifle. The 3 receiver screws, although unnumbered are original Henry style screws and probably original to this rifle. Left top front side of receiver has a small plugged hole which likely was installed for ease of access to change the extractor which was a weak point on the Henry rifle.

Given the overall condition, along with the “Texas star” in the buttstock, the argument can be made that this probably was a Confederate captured rifle during the Civil War and saw extensive hard service thereafter, both during the war and on the American frontier. There were a total of 1,731 Henry rifles purchased by the US Military, of which only about 800 were the Type-1 as found here, the majority of which were used to arm the 3rd Regiment Veteran Volunteers. This unit was initially intended to act as “shock troops”, but were primarily used for guard and picket duty around Washington, D.C. They did have a few small engagements just toward the end of the war and then were absorbed into the 2nd Maine Cavalry until the war was over. These veteran volunteers, as part of their enlistment agreement with honorable service were allowed to retain their arms and accoutrements at their expiration of service. Apparently the majority of those soldiers took advantage of this provision and took their Henry rifles home with them.

Just as found condition, all matching. Barrel & magazine retain a mostly smooth brown patina with patches of pitting. Receiver & side plates show numerous nicks & dings with light scratches and retains a dark brown untouched brass patina. Stock is sound showing a “Henry bump” on the left side with numerous light nicks & scratches and retains a very old, dark finish. Mechanics are balky on closing, otherwise they are fine. Strong bore with moderate to heavy pitting and a couple of rings about mid-point. Cleaning rod is original and in fine condition..


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