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A fine totally untouched as found Golden Age Full-stock Bedford County Kentucky Rifle. .32 caliber, 40 in. octagonal barrel, double set triggers. Curly maple stock with cheek piece. Brass mounted with engraved four piece patchbox. Engraved 5 in. toe plate. Silver oval thumbpiece, engraved silver eagle on cheek piece. Silver inlays on the fore end of stock, four missing silver ovals on the fore end. Silver blade front sight with a buckhorn notched rear sight.

Barrel has nice dark brown patina.  Some pitting around the percussion drum protruding onto the barrel.  Stock has nice untouched dark patina, a crack through the fore end of stock about 15 in. from the muzzle. Brass with dark patina.

Handwritten tag by Norm Flayderman 'KY Perc Rifle Bedford County Very possibly Wm. Defibaugh'. From the Norm Flayderman estate. 

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