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Fine 2nd Model Squareback 1851 Navy Revolver. Serial number 4502. Caliber 36. Standard Configuration of early squareback Navy manufactured in 1851, 7-1/2″ octagonal barrel with 1-line New York address. This is a rare early 51 Navy and not often seen with this much original finish and cylinder scene.

Very good overall condition. Barrel retains about 10% original bright blue finish, especially in protected areas. Metal is grey overall with staining and light pitting. Frame is lighter grey with balance towards muzzle silver/grey. Gun is all original and with matching serial numbers found on all parts except unumbered wedge. Backstrap and trigger guard retain about 10% silver plate, well fit grips retain about 75% original varnish with small chips at inside toes. Rolled Ormsby naval battle scene is about 80% discernible with light pitting. Mechanically functional with crisp well defined bore.