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Deluxe Engraved Civil War Colt Navy Revolver with Carved Ivory Grips. Serial number 169624. .36 caliber. This gun made at the height of the Civil War in 1863 and has a rarely seen Patriotic double panel scene on either side of barrel housing which reads:


The revolver is factory engraved with the what Colt engraving expert R.L. Wilson describes as: "Late Percussion Vine Scrollwork". The engraving features more open scrollwork then previous engraving styles and does not have the punch-dot background favored by Gustave Young. However, R.L. Wilson notes that Gustave Young employed "Late Percussion Vine Scroll" engraving on occasion and this revolver features an eagle's head concealed in the scrollwork on the left side of the lug (semi-concealed animal heads were a Gustave Young signature) as well as Young's wolf head motif on either side of the hammer.   A "P" is stamped either above or below the serial number on the barrel lug, frame, trigger guard and back strap. The "P" was utilized by Colt after 1861 to denote special finish, polish or engraving.

The factory ivory stocks have a high raised relief American Eagle standing with olive branch and arrows in either talon atop a patriotic American shield with star burst in background. This gun is in wonderful “as found” condition showing honest use where carried during war with no abuse with a unique engraved panel motif and patriotic grips. This gun is unique as far as we know in a Colt Civil War factory Engraved Gun that must have belonged to a prominent Union officer.

Very good to fine overall condition, all matching, retaining 20% bright blue on barrel especially in protected areas with balance plum/gray with scattered staining and pitting. Frame is silver/gray overall. Cylinder is plum/silver nicely matching frame and barrel in patina with staining and pitting. The Ormsby Naval battle scene is about 90% discernible. Open scroll and figural engraving fully covers frame, hammer, barrel housing and pivot of loading arm. Trigger bow, buttstrap and top of backstrap also engraved and SN’s are framed with engraving. Ivory grips have aged patina and wear to high spots especially Eagle’s breast and tops of wings. The left rear toe is chipped. Mechanically fine. Bore has well defined crisp rifling.

A fine example of a deluxe Civil War produced Colt Navy. Unfortunately, like so many other Civil War produced Colt Revolvers, there is no record of it in Colt Archives. 

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