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Confederate Documents of Virginia Officer William H. Irwin.

William H. Irwin was a prominent businessman who operated a wharf and warehouses in Alexandria. Irwin was commissioned as a Captain and quartermaster of the provisional army of Virginia on May 3rd, 1861. Shortly thereafter he received a commission in the provisional army of the Confederate states and assigned duty at Culpepper Court House, VA. In April, 1862 he was assigned to duty at Charlottesville, VA. He served throughout the was but was relieved in February, 1865 after being found incompetent by board of examiners. Perhaps more detailed research can determine the circumstances of his removal.

This group includes both of Irwin's commissions. His Virginia commission is signed by the governor of Virginia and is Confederate commission is signed by the secretary of war. Both documents are in excellent conditions with clear signatures.

 Also included in the lot is a post war framed photograph of Irwin embellished with a small piece of cloth with crossed Confederate flags.