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Early & Desirable Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver In Fine Plus Condition. 44 caliber, 8 inch barrel with New York address. 1861 production with four screw frame cut for shoulder stock. Martially marked with single 'PB' oval cartouche on left grip. All matching serial number '19529' except wedge which is numbered '7097'. Wedge is original Colt production and retains most of its original finish.

Cylinder retains all six safety pins and 40-50% blue finish in rebated portion. 70-80% cylinder scene remains. The legend 'ENGAGED 16 MAY 1843' on outer perimeter is fully discernible. Barrel retains 30-40% original finish with more in protected areas. Address is sharp. Noticeable holster wear to muzzle. Bright, well defined bore. Loading assembly retains most of its original bright case colors thinning toward the latch. Frame retains 40% original bright case colors. Frame screws retain most of their original finish. Iron back strap has 20% original blue finish with wear in the expected areas. Grips are well fit with normal wear and some battering on the underside. A small chip is missing from the right toe. The action is crisp and precise.

Very honest early war Colt Army. Difficult to find martial with this much original finish.

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